imbalance computer music | ICM 02 | 2005

CD album

Re-issue of the original release from 1994

1 Piercing Music 1:00:05 listen

The musical material of Piercing Music is derived from a multichannel sound installation I realised in 1993. Some of the sounds are processed recordings of water, some are purely synthetic. Piercing Music also contains a sample of Wieland Samolak's fantastic CD Steady State Music, used by kind permission.

Most of the movement within the piece is stochastic. I drew curves using MAX table objects to generate distributions and determine the chance incident of specific events within given periods of time.

Equipment used: Ensoniq ASR-10, Yamaha TG 77, Roland Juno-6, Alesis Quadraverb, Opcode/IRCAM Max 2.0 running on a Macintosh Plus, all mixed with a Roland M-160 straight to DAT. For the re-release 2003 I deicded to leave it as it is without any additional mastering.

The original recording of the installation from 1993 served as background music for a BDSM related piercing performance, and this is where the title had its origin.

Cover on the left from the 2005 re-issue.

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