Landscape No.15
2014-07-07 large prints available from the Landscape series. Photo above: Landsacpe No.15.

2014-06-14 Essential bug fix for LF0 2.0 solves lost mapping when loading set in latest versions of Live / Max. Please replace older versions with this one: LFO 2.0.5

2014-06-10 Destructive Obersvation Field now shown at Le Fresnoy, Lille, France.

2014-05-14 Press review page now online!

2014-03-15 Video interview with Postmatter: [link to]

2014-02-23 Now online, a great live set from 1999: Monolake Live at Ego.

2013-12-10 Amazing performances of Grid with Christopher Bauder at Fete des Lumières in Lyon, France: more than 20 shows with over 21.000 visitors. watch video


July 19 UK London Lumière No. 12 Barbican [link]
August 1 DE Berlin Monolake Live Schlagstrom
Sept. 23 IT Sienna Lumière No. 13 tba
Sept. 25. NL Den Hague Lumière No. 14 tba
Sept. 27 BE tba Lumière No. 15 tba
Oct. 11 LV Riga Lumière No. 16 Skanu Mezs
Nov. 20 DE Berlin Lumière No. 17 Volksbühne [link]
Dec. 19 NL Amsterdam Lumière No. 18 Muziekgebouw [link]


June 6 - July 20 FR Lille Destructive Observation Field Le Fresnoy
Sept. 19 - Sept. 21 DE Berlin Destructive Observation Field KW/FEED
Oct. 14 - Nov. 5 FR Rennes Fragile Territories tba

Talks, Lectures and Workshops

June 23 - July 5 FR Paris IRCAM [link]
October 22 - 26 RU Moscow tba