2015-05-23 Monolake D E C artwork and preview files online

2015-05-23 Rendering and text about upcoming installation Werk III online.

2015-04-10 Monolake Icarus Alto vinly finally arrived at Hardwax Record Store [link]

2015-03-22 Destructive Observation Field now shown at STRP in Eindhoven. Till March 29.

2015-03-10 Lumière II confirmed for Muziekgebouw [link] in Amsterdam.

2015-02-14 Essential bug fix: Granulator II for Max4Live. The old version will not save soundfiles correctly with Max7! Download from here: Granulator II Version 2.1

2014-12-29 MicroDrum V.1.2 - a new free M4L device recreates the gritty warmth of early 1980's digital drum computers.

2014-12-20 Monolake X I E out now. Avaliable at Hardwax.

2014-07-07 large prints available from the Landscape series.

2014-02-23 now online, a great live set from 1999: Monolake Live at Ego.


May 22 BY Minsk Monolake Live w. Tarik Barri Mental Force Festival [link]
May 30 JP Nagano Monolake Live
June 19 CA Toronto Lumière II.1 Unsound [link]
July 31 NL Amsterdam Monolake Live Deckmantel [link]
Sep 11 SE Malmo Lumière II.1 Malmolivekonserthus [link]
Sep 12 NL Amsterdam Lumière II.1 Muziekgebouw [link]
Aug 27 PT Visao Lumière II.1 - open air Festival Forte [link]
Oct 18 US San Francisco Lumière II.1 tba
Oct 22 MX Mexico City Lumière II.1 tba
Oct 31 DE . Lumière II.1 tba


Aug 2 - Aug 9 DE Berlin D.O.F. tba
Nov 6 - Nov 29 DE Essen Werk III Zollverein
Nov 7 - Jan 6 SE Boden FF 06
Nov 15 - Feb 15 . . D.O.F. - translucent version tba

Talks, Lectures and Workshops

Mar 30 - Apr 10 USA Palo Alto Stanford University/CCRMA
Apr 13 - Apr 16 USA Los Angeles CalArts
April 30 DE Frankfurt NODE 15 [link]
May 23 BY Minsk Mental Force Festival [link]


July 2015 Monolake D E C 12" vinyl / download
Mar 2015 Monolake I A 12" vinyl / download
Dec 2014 Monolake X I E 12" vinyl / download

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